Kling KONG - kickstand, grabstand, ring holder & car mount for phone and more

Do More With Your Phone

Kling KONG™ stores flat and out of the way, ready to be deployed in an instant to stand on a rock, grab a door, or slip into a CD slot as a car mount. It's great for watching, reading and creating. 

Use a Branch as a Tripod  

Use Kling KONG with your phone, GoPro and Kindle. Use it with small lights, microphones, fill cards and more. The torque enabled Kling Ring works as a super fast and smooth tripod head to hold the position you set. Together with KONG it can grip things and provide new angles that a tripod can't. It's small enough to fit in a wallet. And if you want to use your tripod, it has a screw mount for that too. 





"Do anything if you've got the Kling!"

Intellectual Property

Multiple US and international patents on utility and design are pending. Trademarks filed for Kling KONG™, grabstand™ and KlingK™. Designs, text, graphics, instructions and photos, Copyright 2022 Invention City, Inc., all rights reserved.