WOORMPOD small fast detachable bendy grippy phone stand



WOORMPOD™ is a small fast detachable bendy grippy phone stand and tripod:

 Stand, wrap or hang your phone on anything* with WOORMPOD™!

*(almost anything)

Watch videos while you exercise.

woormpod dance

Record the next viral dance move.

woormpod cooking

Follow recipes hands free while cooking.

woormpod group

Include yourself in full length group shots.

Kindle with a woorm

Use with e-readers.

Great for GoPros too!



"Hello, my name is Cyrene, known as CyreneQ, and I'm a social media content creator. I create most of my content through my smartphone and I'm always on-the-go.

Getting the perfect picture and video is important in my career as a content creator. But that means I have to carry a clunky tripod around.

I go to a lot of events, sometimes even red carpet events and a tripod just doesn't match my outfit! In all seriousness, a tripod is necessary to capture great videos, but it's heavy, bulky and unattractive to carry around - I also have to remember to bring it with me.

I need a tripod that's small enough to fit in my tiny handbag or pocket. Besides being small, I need something that can set up quickly. Viral moments - life in general - doesn't wait or repeat. I need to be ready to capture the moment. I need something that can be set up in just a few seconds.

I looked everywhere on the internet for a device that could solve all of my problems (phone problems!). Every tripod or monopod was too big. All of the phone stands and phone grips were too small and could only stand the phone at limited, horizontal angles. Like other creators, I often tried balancing my phone and risked it falling just to take a hands-free photo.

So I came up with Woormpod. I casually posted it on my Snapchat story to entertain my followers. It got hundreds of thousands of views in less than 24 hours and got a lot of positive feedback. People told me they needed one!"

- Cyrene

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