Kling KONG Super Hero Phone Stand

Kling KONG enables phones and other devices to grab doors and branches and turn them into tripods. It can stand a phone horizontally or vertically at any angle and attach it to a laptop screen or computer monitor. The design allows for hands-free use of a mobile phone and offers new possibilities for recording images. Use as a kickstand, grabstand, car mount, light stand, microphone stand and more.

FOLDS FLAT - under 0.20" thick and can fold flat against the back of your phone.
TWISTABLE - twist to any angle to hold any position.
PIVOTABLE - pivot for viewing, reading, and capturing images.
REMOVABLE - store the KONG grabber in a wallet and use the Kling ring alone.
VERSATILE - attach the Kling ring to any smooth hard surface: plastic, metal or wood, to a phone case or phone. Use with phones, GoPros, Kindles, pocket lights, microphones and more.

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